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Taking Time to Get Clear

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

getting clearIt feels as though I’ve been MIA for the past month and I guess that’s because in a way I have been. It wasn’t a conscious decision for me to fall out of site, and given that I don’t like to judge anyone’s process, I’m going to allow my time away to just be what is or was.

Since it’s still January is it ok for me to wish you a Happy New Year?  Regardless of whether it’s the right thing to do, I’m going to say it anyway, because I always encourage others to act and make decisions from their gut and my gut is telling me to say… (more…)

Black Friday Special 2014

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

black friday specialHappy Holidays from me to you!  I can’t believe that I’m already saying that, but it’s true…the holiday season is upon us and the Black Friday Specials are already flying around the internet and in the local ads.  So in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, I’m going to PLAY BIG by offering YOU, the entrepreneur or small business owner, something UNBELIEVABLE.

This is the FIRST TIME that I’ve ever done this and it’s for a LIMITED TIME only.  I want to offer you TEN INTERVIEWS that I recently completed for my Dare to Play BIG video summit, for FREE! (more…)

How Downtime Leads to More Up Time

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

take more downtimeThere’s no denying the rat-race that our society has created in order to get ahead. Whether you’re creating a business, currently a small business owner or working at a job to make ends meet, there’s an epidemic of those who believe that the harder you work, the greater success you’ll have.

But, what if they’re wrong?

What if the less you work, the more you make and the more success you have? (more…)

How to Discover Your Life Purpose

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

find your life purposeIt would be pretty hard to have NOT seen an article or heard someone talk about finding your life purpose.  The topic seems to be everywhere from Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, to the myriad of motivational posts on social media sites

We’ve become a society moving away from the traditional path that poses the question of, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” to , “how can you best impact the world, who is your tribe, and how much money do you want to make in the process”?

We are finally waking up! (more…)

Make Money With Your Passion

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

follow your passionAround the time that I was entering the workforce after college, the book Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow was a popular bestseller.  I remember feeling that what the title spoke to was a good idea, but I now realize that I didn’t REALLY buy into the concept at the time.

You see, I was raised in a home where you were encouraged to choose a path of security.  Which makes sense given that my father had been a Lt. Colonel in the US Army and went on to work as an engineer for the government, and my mother was a teacher.  Both of these jobs provide you with a pension when you retire, and many would believe that this means a secure future. (more…)