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Are You Living Your Dream?

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

are you living your dreamOn my recent business trip to Pompano Beach, FL, I found myself in a tropical oasis.  No, it’s not the warm sandy beach or the palm trees swaying in the breeze that I’m speaking about, but the quaint motel that I opted to take up residence at for a few days.  If you’re familiar with traveling in Florida then you know that the winter and spring months are the best times of the year to visit and they also carry the highest price tags for hotel rooms.

It’s my nature to choose to be as close to the beach as possible wherever I am, but I wasn’t willing to spend $300 per night for a hotel room that would only be used for my night time slumber.  I was therefore thrilled to stumble upon (more…)

Is Your Mindset Holding You Hostage?

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

mindset limiting beliefsNo one can argue how powerful the mind is. While it’s been said that we only use a small percentage of our brains capacity, it’s not really known for sure.  What is known however, is that while our brain is busy controlling our bodies, our mind, and more specifically our mindset, is in charge of our daily actions.  Your mindset is what determines whether you make changes that you might want to make, and whether you take steps towards your desires.

For some reason, when I was young, I had the belief that humans could accomplish just about anything that we set our minds to. (more…)

You Were Meant to Stand Out

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

you were born to stand outDr. Seuss had it right when he said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  The problem is that so many of us are afraid to stand out because of the beliefs that were formed in our subconscious minds when we were young.  We may have been belittled or led to believe that we just weren’t enough, and we’ve carried those beliefs over into adulthood.

We’re afraid of what others will think of us because of what we think of ourselves.  We lack self-confidence and fear that if we stand out from the crowd, we’ll be ridiculed and judged by others, and more importantly, those that we care about.

Let’s face it, when you get down to it, all any of us wants is to be loved. (more…)

Do You Worry What People Will Think?

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 10.36.00 PM

Do you ever worry about what other people will think of you?

I’m talking about if you stepped up in a BIG way, and stood out from the crowd doing whatever it is that you’d LOVE to do (if no one was looking…lol).

Come on now…be honest.  Does that scare you a bit, and do you find that you do stop yourself short, from fully expressing yourself sometimes, in fear of what other people will think of you and being judged?

Yep, this is a BIGGIE!  I don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone on this planet that doesn’t struggle with this one, even if they’re not aware of it. (more…)