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The Fear of Commitment

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

fear of commitmentOne of the topics that you hear discussed in the ‘single’ dating world is commitment.  You’ll often hear women speak of men that are in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s and have never been married, as having a “fear of commitment.”

Whether male or female the fear of commitment does exist, but not just in dating or relationships.  In fact, it exists in every area of our lives from relationships to fitness to business.

Let’s explore where you might have a fear of commitment. (more…)

How to Turn “I Can’t” Into “I Can”

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

you can do itIf you’re a mother like I am, you probably remember what it was like when your children were learning how to talk, and you were likely sensitive to the language that they were exposed to…especially those four letter words.

Being that they are like parrots, in that they repeat most everything that they hear, I didn’t want my children incorporating those “bad” words into their vocabulary. (more…)

Decision-Making Based on Values

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

making decisionsThere are those who make quick decisions, and then there are those who can’t make a decision to save their life.  I used to be one of the ones that had a hard time making decisions.  The bottom line is that I was afraid of making the wrong decision, until I learned better.

First of all, you must be aware of the fact that EVERYTHING in your life begins with a decision. You’re making decisions every minute of the day, whether you are conscious of them or not. (more…)

You Were Meant to Stand Out

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

you were born to stand outDr. Seuss had it right when he said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  The problem is that so many of us are afraid to stand out because of the beliefs that were formed in our subconscious minds when we were young.  We may have been belittled or led to believe that we just weren’t enough, and we’ve carried those beliefs over into adulthood.

We’re afraid of what others will think of us because of what we think of ourselves.  We lack self-confidence and fear that if we stand out from the crowd, we’ll be ridiculed and judged by others, and more importantly, those that we care about.

Let’s face it, when you get down to it, all any of us wants is to be loved. (more…)

You Are Never Too Old!

By Julie Van De Wyngaerde |

you are never too oldHave you ever noticed how society has a way of providing us with subtle messages that cause us to believe that living out our dreams is for the young?  It’s almost as if once we’ve passed over into our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, our window of opportunity has passed us by.

And, to that I say, “bull pucky!”  You are NEVER too old!

That’s right!  You are never too old to realize your dreams, step into your life purpose and create the life that you truly desire.

Why?  Because that’s the way God intended it to be. (more…)