Be bold. Be brave. Be you!


About Julie Unplugged

Who We Are

Julie Unplugged is comprised of Julie Van De Wyngaerde as the creative solopreneur behind the vision and creation of the business that she believes is part of her true soul purpose.  Like with most things however, she can’t do it alone, so she receives support from her assistants who help her to deliver her inspiring message and creativity, both virtually and live.

Julie spends her work hours between her home office in the San Francisco Bay Area, in remote office space in the town where she lives, at her daughters’ sporting events or sometimes even at the beach.

Julie believes that you should spend time in places that inspire the creativity within you to be brought forth.

“When you fully step into your creative self-expression, everything will align, and life will be fun, fulfilling and you will never work another day in your life.”

What We Stand For

Julie Unplugged was born out of Julie’s vision of inspiring others to discover, claim and express their own creative self, for the benefit of others.  It is her belief that this is how we change the world.

It’s all about whom you are BEing that matters, and that begins with being confident in BEing and expressing all of YOU!

You must have the confidence to BE BOLD and BE BRAVE, to the extent that your message, voice and gifts are seen and heard by others.  This is the only way that you will make an impact.

Julie Unplugged is all about Julie sharing her own unique gifts and talents in a way that inspires you to do the same.  She strives to be the best example of creative self-expression.  Julie believes that if she can do it, so can you!

What We Believe

You and only you are 100% responsible for every experience that you have in your life.

Everything is a matter of choice, and if you don’t like your current experience, you have the ability to make a different choice in any given moment.

We were all born with a unique ‘seed’ that when discovered and expressed, allows us to serve our earthly purpose, and will bring us ultimate joy.

When our unique gifts and talents are not expressed, we are withholding from others that which could help and inspire them in some way.

We are all here to grow, and each experience that we have serves to help us do that, regardless of how difficult or painful we find that experience to be in the moment.

Your Ego will try to trick you into believing that you don’t know enough, don’t have enough and just all around aren’t enough, and you must learn to move through and past that which attempts to stop you.

You have all of the answers already inside of you, and it just takes learning how to access the knowledge that already exists.

You must learn to trust and step out in Faith, even when you don’t know how, and you are fearful.

You have the ability to do, be and have that which you desire in your heart.

In business and in life, it’s all about the relationships that we create and nurture that make the biggest difference.

It is through your Work With Julie that you’ll discover and bring clarity to you being fully self-expressed.  Find out how together we can make that happen.

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